Are you ready for the next generation of IT support?

There is nothing more frustrating than IT problems stopping your business in its tracks except than being held to ransom by IT support companies who want to charge you a small fortune for the assistance you need to get back online. At this point, you are probably feeling a bit stuck. You’ve got customers waiting, staff losing motivation and a business losing money! What other choice do you have than to pay?


Big Business Benefits from a Local Provider

What if you had access to the economies of scale enjoyed by national and international businesses? What if you could enjoy the same response times typically only enjoyed by huge corporate entities?

With Colva Care you can. Because Colva Care is part of the Colva Group of Companies, you can access all the benefits usually restricted to big businesses, from a local provider who cares.

Colva Cares

The Colva Care team believe that owner-managed businesses in Southampton and the surrounding area shouldn’t suffer when technical problems arise. Far too often small businesses are forced to choose between expensive IT support contracts or sub-standard service. That’s why Colva Care has been designed just for you.

When you welcome Colva Care into your business, you immediately have a entire IT department at your disposal. You draw on our expertise and market share to strategise your IT provision and benefit from our dynamic and agile service levels.


How Colva Care Works

Colva Care offers three key support services to clients.

Proactive Support

Remote Support

On Site Support

So far, this probably sounds pretty like every other local I.T. support company you’ve Googled. However, things get much more interesting when looking at the solutions available to you via our parent company Colva.

Who are Colva?

Colva supplies some of the world’s best known brands with their IT hardware and software solutions. As a result, Colva Care has access to a stock portfolio worth £2.8 billion across the UK and Europe. All with next day delivery at the touch of a button. Not only that, but due to Colva’s buying power you can typically expect to save money against prices available both locally and online.

This means, if you have an infrastructure problem that requires new hardware, Colva Care can have the latest hardware solution delivered to you within 24 hours and at a highly competitive price point. Before you know it, our expert team have installed the new kit and you are functioning better than you were before!


Colva Care takes care of it

To find out the best Colva Care plan for your business, give us a call on 023 8011 9181 or send us a message.